Children’s Mission Programme

We are super excited to provide you with a four-week kids ministry programme, that not only promotes Self-Denial but is an opportunity to take children and their families on a journey that continues to grow their understanding about ‘Love in Action’ and the sacrificial lifestyle that God requires of us.

We have decided not to do a six-week programme as Self-Denial starts in the school holidays. Therefore, our suggestion is that you mark your diaries and start the programme on 21 July, finishing on 11 August. The children and their families can then participate in the Altar Service on 18 August.

Week 1:  21 July
Week 2:  28 July
Week 3:  04 August
Week 4:  11 August

The four-week series will give you a programme to follow with room to express your creativity. The programme includes the weekly video series, an option to make your own ‘Giving Box’ and a template for the children to make and decorate. There will also be a take-home sheet for families to participate in some weekly challenges, a reminder of the memory verse and an opportunity to look at stories in the Bible.


Children’s Mission and Family Resources

Leaders Guide

Contains everything you need to know about this year’s Self-Denial Appeal.

A3 Posters

Display the A3 poster at your corps or centre.

Take-home Activity Sheets

Includes weekly challenges, memory verse and an opportunity to look at stories in the Bible.

Promotional Graphics

Powerpoint Slides are available to download to promote Self-Denial.

Heart Templates

Use the heart templates for the memory verse activity.

Giving Box Template

Print, decorate, make and fill this giving box template.

Watch the four-week series videos

Week One

Philippines: Donato’s Story

Week Two

Indonesia: Booth Children’s Home

Week Three

Tonga Kindergartens

Week Four

Indonesia: Palu Earthquake

Click the download button below and use your TSA email log in to access the full resource pack.

If you do not have access to a TSA account, please contact your corps officer. If your delivered printed pack does not contain the items you require or you don’t have enough, you can download them and print locally.


Quick Start Guide
A3 Poster (3 Kinds)
Letters to corps members
Blank letterhead
Children’s Resources
Youth Resources
Song lead sheet and Mp3 Song
Promotional graphics
Banking instructions
Credit Card Donation Summary
Weekly and Kids Video Series
Social Media Assets (Coming soon)